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What to expect from a private lesson with me:
Adult lessons :

Your private lesson will be based on your needs and wishes. Whether you want to improve your technique, discover the resort, overcome your fears, regain your confidence... I'll adapt to your wishes. I can't say that I'm more suited to experts or beginners, because everything is linked and I love both skiing is my passion, so when you take a lesson with me, I'm prepared to bet you that if I look bored, you can get a massive reduction in the price of the lesson ;-) 


Children's lessons:

Like an adult ski lesson , but with more fun.  I've met far too many children and teenagers who didn't like ski lessons because they were bored by the long technical explanations or the lack of variety in the terrain. If your child isn't having fun, he should change instructor ;-). This doesn't mean that there won't be any technical progress, but it will be as much fun as possible.   I've already given a lot of ski lessons, but I don't think any of them were the same. Everyone is different. Let me know what your wishes are and I'll build my lesson around that.


Minimum age is 4* years (*see less contact me before booking), there is no maximum.   Up to 3 people can share a lesson at no extra cost.    Ski pass not included in the lesson

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